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BoE were much closer to a June interest rate cut than first thought..

BoE were much closer to a June interest rate cut than first thought..

Economists v money markets on when the UK will cut interest rates..

How we keep your funds safe

Is profit-taking in GBP-EUR now over?

Why Should You Budget For An Fx Risk Management Solution?

4 consecutive days of 0.5% daily swings in GBP v EUR, remains above 1.18 mid-market for now..

GBP v EUR jumps 0.5% after Macron snap election decision and is a serious BUY..

What Is Currency Risk? All You Need To Know

ECB block further € weakness by offering no forward guidance on interest rates..

Will the BoE stay out of the UK election??

PMI data also set to create market volatility this week..

Stronger than expected UK wage data lifts GBP

Excel Currencies vs Wise

UK jobs data & US inflation - the key events to watch out for this week..

Pound Sterling range-bound (for now)..

Markets now expect a June interest rate cut for UK

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Sterling susceptible to BoE risk this week

Wild swings in USD as money markets raise chances of a US interest rate hike and then quickly slashes them after Fed meeting..

British Pound to play sitting duck role this week, but it could prove to be beneficial..

How we are better than your bank at overseas payments

'PMI Tuesday' to kick off a week that is dominated by key US data..

The UK leads the way this week with important economic data releases, expect to see daily volatility...

UK GDP beats market expectations, Q1 will now likely see the UK exit its shallow recession..

US GDP & inflation report dominate the week ahead

Pound Sterling under pressure

Sterling robust after UK inflation undershoots expectations

Markets await UK & US interest rate decisions

Sterling down 0.5% on the week

Inflation & GDP releases in focus this week

GBP now the best performing G10 currency of 2024

Decisive week ahead for FX volatility

FX market experiencing lowest volatility levels in 30-years

Busy end to the month with both EU & US in focus

PMI data improves for both EU & UK

No market volatility expected until PMI's released Thursday

What a recession means for the Pound

What the UK & US inflation figures mean

GBP v EUR hits fresh 17-month high

Key economic data releases ahead

Quiet data week ahead

The Fed pushes back on interest rate cuts

Fed & BoE meetings in focus this week

GBP rises for the fifth consecutive week versus EUR

Euro-Zone economy stuck in contraction mode

UK recession fears raised after Friday's retail sales shock

Sterling claims back yesterday's losses

Money markets create some FX volatility this morning

Key UK labour & inflation data released this week

Sterling steady following key data releases

Sterling makes a solid start to 2024

Sterling v Euro in review

Sterling v US Dollar in review

We may find out this week whether GBP is in overbought territory

GBP v EUR hits a 9-week high

Should You Bring Family Into Your Company?

The Importance of Knowing Your Tax Brackets

GBP v USD now 2% above 2023's average

UK services PMI surprisingly returns to growth

GBP v EUR hits a fresh 6-month low

UK retail sales slump to Covid-era levels

UK & US inflation heads lower

UK economy fails to grow in Q3

Understanding the personal tax implications of starting a small business

Financial Accounts vs Management Accounts

The Pound's recent rally runs out of steam

GBP is enjoying a rare moment in the market

GBP v EUR hits a 5-and-a-half month low

Daily risk events for Sterling this week

ECB - "Patience is now the key"

Sterling nearing fresh lows

Personal & business tax returns for company directors

7 tax tips for freelancers

EU/UK PMI results surprise

GBP-EUR trading at its lowest level since May

UK inflation unchanged, GBP unmoved

GBP down 0.5% after soft UK wage data

UK jobs & inflation the key releases this week

GBP regains 0.5% across the board this week

Market volatility expected to rise this week

The Importance of Confidentiality and Security in Bookkeeping

Calculating holiday pay for casual workers

Sterling tipped to struggle throughout October

Quiet data week ahead for the UK leaves £ exposed

BoE holds interest rates, GBP down 0.5%

Sterling slides after UK inflation softer than forecast

Plenty of risk events ahead this week on the market

GBP v USD sinks to a fresh 3-month low

UK stagflation fears rise after latest GDP number

Huge data week ahead with numerous key releases

Huge data week ahead with numerous key releases

Tax returns for high earners

How to achieve your business objectives using the SOAR method

King Dollar continues to punish both the Euro & Sterling

Sterling -Euro very favourable after 1% gain this week

Sterling higher after record growth in UK wage packets

Bookkeeping processes for different sized businesses

Accounting - Don't settle for less than you deserve

A frosty week in the market finally heats up

Lack of market liquidity to lessen volatility this month

BoE split three ways over rate rise

All eyes on the BoE this week

EUR loses over 1-cent across the board

Hiring employees versus hiring contractors

7 Key Documents Used in Bookkeeping

Action-packed week ahead involving EU & US

Watershed moment for the UK's inflation story

UK inflation dominates the week ahead

What exactly does a bookkeeper do?

Smashing through the glass ceiling

US on course to pull off 'soft landing' scenario

Latest UK jobs report sees GBP rise

GBP faces first major test of July

Sterling marches on

Quiet data week ahead

Central bankers expect more tightening, but no recessions

Investment banks are backing the £ near-term

Market volatility set to continue with another huge week ahead

BoE panics over latest inflation number

Investors devalue GBP as UK inflation goes back up

GBP v USD hits 14-month high

Check out the new company fuel rates recently changed from June 1st 2023

Does your accountant have enough time or resources to prioritize your needs?

'Hot' UK jobs data keeps GBP firm

Huge week ahead on financial markets

Euro-Zone suffers a winter recession

Quiet data week ahead

The US avoids a default on its debt

How financially aware are you as a business owner?

The benefits of outsourcing your management accounting

Pound v Euro hits fresh 2023 high

Sterling hits 2023 high versus Euro

GBP v EUR consolidates for the second week running

Thinking about how to close your Limited company?

Is a finance broker the right fit for your business?

UK core inflation at highest level since March 1992

Bumpy PMI figures for EU & UK in May

How finance can help your business bloom this Spring

5 Reasons a Good Bookkeeping Process Can Boost Your Business

A landmark report published by our charity partner 'Sands'

Sterling relatively unchanged so far this week

Traders expecting a period of consolidation for GBP

UK SMEs Seek Cost-Saving Measures in Response to Economic Pressures

Is my office dog a business expense?

Traders bank profit on the recent Pound run

Huge data week for the UK/£

GBP currently playing the safe-haven role

ECB & Fed interest rate decisions dominate the week

German economic data surprises markets

Are consumers to blame for high inflation?

Euro looks to become the market's preferred currency

UK economy still showing signs of recovery

GBP's out-performance continues in April

Inflation & PMI data the key events this week

US inflation & UK GDP results

Both GDP & inflation data in focus this week

US recession fears after services PMI miss

Sterling loses nearly half of yesterday's gains

The Pound rises handsomely

Bullish GBP remains range-bound

UK retail sales hit a 7-month high

EU & US inflation numbers dominate the week ahead

Deutsche Bank under pressure as shares slide 13%

BoE raise interest rates to highest point since 2008

Sterling higher as UK inflation jumps

Sterling ends the week up on most currencies

Risk event for the Euro with ECB event today

GBP closing in on 1-month highs

Silicon Valley Bank's collapse causing some concern

UK GDP beats expectations

Sterling under pressure with Friday's risk event looming

GDP data dominates the week ahead

Euro-Zone inflation & unemployment rate creeps up

Sterling loses its new Brexit deal bump

Politics returns to the currency market

GBP remains relatively unchanged across the board

Sterling holding its recent gains against the Euro

Sterling jumps after strong PMI data

PMI data the big event for the week ahead

Sterling ends the week 1% down across the board

UK inflation surprises markets

Sterling boosted by strong UK labour news

Important data week ahead

Quiet data week aids £-€ rates

NIESR - UK to avoid technical recession in 2023

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Excel Currencies v High-Street Banks

UK Inflation dips in April! August BoE Interest Rate Increase less likely.

Sterling to finish May strongly?

Potential Brexit Progress Support Sterling Exchange Rates

Markets focused on US interest rate outlook - BoE member due to speak.

Sterling looks set to continue it's poor run

Brexit news back in play for Sterling markets - US Fed on hold for now but more rate rises ahead

UK GDP Drops more than expected - Sterling Rates all down over at least 0.5%

ECB Keep everything on hold – focus back on Inflation data for ECB’s next move.

Very little in the calendar to excite the markets today

Weekly roundup: RBA rate decision in focus

Weekly roundup: Will jobs data send USD

Weekly roundup: EUR recovers from election