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Is a finance broker the right fit for your business?

Our finance partner suggests the answer is probably yes..


You are probably a busy business owner. Your business may have just muddled through a global pandemic and now you are ready to expand. You would like to spend more time with your family enjoying yourself, and less time searching on google for the best rate of interest. The last thing you want to be doing is filling out form after form of the same information only to be told at the end that you aren't eligible for the shiny rate you were shown on the first page of the website.


This is where a broker can step in. They provide immediate value. Using a broker eliminates time. They learn a little more about your business and then make suggestions on what sort of funding product you need. A standard business loan doesn't suit every business. If you are a retailer or restaurant that uses a card machine, a Merchant Cash Advance might be better, whereas if you are a graphic designer or an electrician Invoice Finance might suit. The advantage they have in abundance is their knowledge. 


A broker has the market knowledge to find you the right lender and the right products for your business needs. They will know which lenders throw up red flags regarding the businesses they'll lend to. They know who is likely to accept you and who will give you the best rate, what the fees will be and the repayment figures.


They also know about the businesses looking for funding and can give the best advice on which product will suit. All this knowledge saves you precious time. They will evaluate how financiers around the UK respond to and manage client needs, their appraisal process as well as their ongoing relationships.


A recently released report from Simply Business has highlighted that 1 in 3 small business owners in the UK fears running out of money. A staggering 87 per cent of small business owners have lost money over the last two years. The pandemic and now the economic cost of living crisis facing the UK is putting great financial strain on top of already pressurised businesses. 


For help with your finance needs and for a free business review, please fill out the section to the right and our partner will be in touch with you shortly.