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Protection against foreign exchange risk!


What does this mean to every company in the world who buy and sell currency to conduct business? It means unpredictable profit margins, exposure to risk resulting in company loss and stress.

Excel Currencies corporate brokers will review the way you currently manage your foreign exchange risk and in doing this it will enable your broker to build an approach and strategy towards eliminating this risk.

After your broker takes time to understand the way in which your business operates, this will ultimately lead to implementing a strategy. Once the strategy is in place your broker will monitor this and make the necessary adjustments when required.

Your Excel Currencies broker main objectives are to:

  • Mitigate your foreign exchange risk
  • Protect your operating margins
  • Improve your cash management and flow
  • Improve all aspects of international payments (speed, cost, execution and delivery)
  • Develop a long term foreign exchange hedging strategy

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Compare your FX

The most successful businesses know how to manage their money. But not everyone can be a foreign exchange expert. Without a dedicated and experienced specialist on board, you simply will not have the time to work the markets in your favour. That’s where we can help.

Why wait until one of our junior brokers calls you to run the exchange rate challenge, compare today. A regular comparison is exactly what you need to keep your business healthy. Get in touch now and let our foreign exchange experts examine your procedures with fresh eyes. A few small changes to your business plan will end up saving you a lot of money.

  • Benchmark the exchange rates you receive
  • Review your risk management strategy
  • Assess whether you trade at the most appropriate time
  • Examine whether your cash flow can be improved
  • Check your settlement procedures and costs
  • Suggest effective solutions to fix complex problems

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Importing & Exporting

We help thousands of companies pay their suppliers overseas every single year...

As an Importer you could be buying fabric from India, sample products from China or even cars from Germany. Whatever you are buying, Excel Currencies can make the goods cheaper for you and send your funds quicker.

If you are Exporting and receiving money from your clients in their local currency, we can help lower your FX risk. We can convert the foreign currency into your currency at the best possible exchange rate, when you decide to top up your accounts or collect your profits.

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Bloodstock & Wine

We deal daily in the Bloodstock and Wine Industry...

Buying and transferring bloodstock can be a very complicated business. Fortunately for our clients, Karl Daly our managing director has been heavily involved in this industry for many years and will always take the time to offer guidance or advice wherever possible. By choosing Excel Currencies you can be sure that all your payments overseas will be sent at the best exchange rates, and as quickly as possible, ensuring fast delivery of your bloodstock.

The key to buying and selling wine internationally is to make sure you are making a healthy profit, as dealing with a wide range of currencies can sometimes eliminate any profit made. By using Excel Currencies, we will show you how to protect your rates from the volatile FX markets, and make your investment a profitable one.

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Commercial Developments

Excel Currencies offer a range of tools to help protect your profit margins...

Projects such as building Hotels or even a multi-property purchase will increase your risk dramatically with exposure to the FX markets. As the amount of money transferring abroad is large and the completion date is generally a long way away, rate fluctuations could and may go against you, costing you potentially thousands. By speaking to one of our corporate team today, you could take advantage of our wealth of knowledge to help minimise this risk and protect your profit margins.

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Available Contracts

Exchange Rates change twice a second and there are many strategies that we can put in place to hedge your risk. We offer a range of hedging tools to help our clients manage their FX exposure.

Spot Contracts

You can buy currency immediately as a 'spot' purchase, so called because you are buying currency on the spot. Settlement for a purchase of this type is 3 working days and upon receipt of cleared funds a transfer can take place. A spot purchase would normally satisfy someone who has an immediate requirement for the currency and wants to exchange right away.

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts are available for both businesses and individuals wishing to protect themselves from the risks of an ever-moving market. They allow you to lock into an exchange rate for a period of up to two years, giving you access to a fixed rate for the duration of your contract, and meaning you can concentrate on growing your business instead of worrying about exchange rates.

Limit Order

If you would like to target a rate that’s not currently available in the market, then market orders could help you achieve this. This allows you to set an Exchange Rate above the current market rate and purchase the amount you want when the rate has been reached.

Stop Loss

This allows you to set a 'worst case' scenario Exchange Rate lower than what the current market level is showing. If the market moves against you, this type of order will be automtically triggered, locking you in at that rate and protecting you from further losses.

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Online Platform

ECFX - Excel Currencies Foreign Exchange Online

Our Online technology is the best in the market place and provides you with our currency services online, an alternative approach to traditional voice broking.

Enabling you to manage your international foreign exchange and payment requirements proactively, protecting your bottom line and maximising your profitability from overseas transactions.

Our one-stop solution enables you to monitor your desired exchange rates, buy and sell, view balances and statements and make payments and settlements all at the click of a button.

On top of saving you time - it's FREE!

Using ECFX Online complements traditional voice broking methods.

Why use ECFX over your current arrangements?

1Achieve guaranteed better pricing than your current currency provider *terms apply

2Buy Or Sell Currency and make a payment within 60 seconds or 4 clicks

3Print online payment confirmation to show your beneficiary

4Our Financial tools enable you to automatically purchase currency at the rates you desire

5Receive FREE statistics, graphs and market analysis

6Make global payments within hours, giving you full control of your money

7Buy or Sell Currencies 24hrs 5 days a week, 24/7 coming soon


ECFX live trading is a more convenient method than telephone broking. However, you are still assigned a personal currency broker to assist in making those crucial decisions. Take full control of your money, whenever you require. Our 24 hour live trading platform enables you to action trades wherever you are, making global payments easy. You can even set authority levels for your staff within your business saving not only money, but time and additional stress too.

Below are some of the services of ECFX:

Key features

  • Convert amounts from as little as $1
  • Over 300 currency pair combinations
  • Guaranteed conversion rates at time of trading – no guessing, no risk
  • Real-time activity reporting
  • Payment tracking
  • Pre-validations of beneficiary details to minimise payment errors
  • Non-SWIFT payments to guarantee delivery amount
  • 100% price transparency – we tell you exactly what we earn
  • Aggregation of multiple currency price sources to ensure best prices
  • Local fund collections in 8 countries with more being added soon
  • Secondary payment authorisations (4-eyes)
  • Bulk payment uploads from .csv files
  • Net and aggregate settlement of funds
  • 24/5 Trading with 24/7 coming soon
  • Full transaction management and activity history
  • Highest levels of security
  • Log on anywhere in the world to trade

Getting Started

Heres how to get started:

  1. First thing you will need to do is open an account with us, either as an individual account or as a business account. This is totally free of charge and can be opened for you in approximately 8 minutes.
  2. Once your account is opened with us, you can either open a demo account via the website or give us a call and request one. Once again, this service is free of charge.
  3. Once you try out the demo account, and your happy with what you see, let us know, and we will get you a live account.

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Open an Account

Registering with Excel Currencies is free and takes literally minutes to set up. Most importantly you are under no obligation at all to transfer with us.

Why not keep your options open and compare us to others in our industry? Complete the form online and you will have access to our fantastic service and the best exchange rates on the market.

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Converter Rate Alerts
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When buying or selling currency with us, your funds are held either in pooled client trust bank accounts, which meets the requirements set down by the FCA. Funds can be used to fulfil the contractual obligations...

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